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Spiral Freezers

Industrial Freezer Services and Maintenance

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Frigoscandia GCM 76 For Sale

With 34.5 Tiers at an 80mm link height

Frigoscandia Model: GCM 76 N/N C/CW
Number of Tiers: 34.5
Belt: GC 76 with UNA foot 3mm plate
Link Height: 80mm
Mesh: U15-12-17
Fan Motors: 2 off MBT 180L / 15KW / 975 RPM / 415V/ 32A
Inner Gearbox: R83 DT90L4 / RATIO 121.12 / RPM 1420 / KW 1.5
Outer Gearbox: R83 DV112M4 / RATIO 73.15 / RPM 1420 / KW 4
Outfeed Gearbox: Not in use
Outfeed Sprocket Combination: Not in use
Type of Balls: All plastic Frigo grey balls
Holding out guides: 6 off 1210 x 180 x 8mm
Rail Plastics: Odd ball sizes all long on the inside
Chains: 15 inner Mk2 & Mk1 / 17 outer Mk2
Drive Sprockets: 24 tooth inner and outer
Oil heads: Plastic side external pipes ball side drilled through rail
This freezer has a horizontal take up

FrigoScandia Spiral Freezer 106

Very well maintained and as in new condition: Frigoscandia type GCM-106-08-23-46 NS-CR spiral freezer, complete with fully insulated cold room and floor. Based on hamburgers the maximum capacity is 4500 kg/h (with 23 tiers), with 45 tiers 7800 kg/h is possible.

Year 1999
infeed/outfeed North/South
link height 80mm (65mm product clearance)
number of effective tiers 23 (based upon 5200mm box height there should be room for a total of 40 tiers)
overall belt width 1060mm
usable belt width 1015mm
length of belt per tier 20,5m
area of belt per tier 17,5m²
mesh type band FB 20-1,7
evaporator size Nr 46 = 2600 volume
base load 109kW (94.000kcal/h)
motors above 1KW (1x3 + 1x4 + 3x26)
Cooling capacity 900 kW / 265 tons
Type of refrigerant NH3(ammonia) / Freon

no ADF system available

External box dimensions: 13028mm x 9450mm x 5200mm including outfeed section and electrical control switch board.

Max. product load per m2 is 18kg.
Frigoscandia Spiral Freezer GC92, self stacker

Frigoscandia Spiral Freezer, GC92, self stacker

Model Gyro Compact GCM92 083326NN CR

Belt type Frigo Belt with mesh overlay Configuration
Belt width 920 mm
Belt width net 875 mm
Belt length per tier 17.8 m
Effective belt area per tier 13.15 m2
Belt speed 4  30m / min
Link height 80 mm
Product clearance 65 mm
Infeed height 880 mm
Out feed height 3.53 m
No. of tiers 32
Evaporator construction Galvanised steel
Refrigerant Ammonia R717
Surface area 2,600m2
Defrost Hot gas or water
Power consumption 75 kw approximately
Base load 70,000 Kcals
Cabinet Dimensions 9.81m long plus in-feed 7.4m wide 4. 3m high

Frigoscandia GP42 - for sale

Frigoscandia GP42 spiral freezer. 39 tier's. With a 60mm link height and belt wash.

Frigoscandia GC58 - for sale

Frigoscandia GP58 spiral freezer. 12 - 28 - 11 NN CCR Spiral freezers in excellent condition available for immediate sale.
The freezer is of North, south configuration with a counter clockwise belt, with the infeed on the bottom right and outfeed top left. The belt has a 120mm link height. 24 Tiers.
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