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Meet The Team


The directors

Howard Swain

Time served with Jackstone Frosters Ltd. Then worked for APV for ten years.
Trained in Helsingborg Sweden at Frigoscandia's headquarters also been working at Stein in America. Been working on Frigoscandia freezers for the last 20+ years as well as working on Starfrost and Eurotec, Tri-phase, APV, Advanced Food Systems.

Gary Peck

Time served at E C Burrells manufacturing freezers and installing for Frigoscandia. Worked for Derbrich Fabrications for 25 years working on Frigoscandia, tri-phase, Stein, APV, Eurotec, Advance Food Systems. Trained in Helsingborg at Frigoscandia headquarters on Frigo Drive systems, the new FDP drive system with 35 year’s experience.


Our highly skilled Frigoscandia trained engineers

We now employ the most experienced personnel from a local company Derbrich Fabrications who were the preferred contractors for Frigoscandia. The vast majority of our team were trained in Helingsborg in Sweden at Frigoscandia headquarters, in the installations, servicing and maintenance of spiral freezers and flow freeze tunnels. We also have worked extensively alongside Stein of America on their spiral ovens, steams, fryers around the world including American, South Africa, Europe and Asia.


Dave Balmforth

Dave has at least 30 years’ experience in the industrial freezer industry; starting as a time- served sheet metal worker, progressing onto specialising in manufacturing and servicing liquid nitrogen tunnels. Dave was then an employee at BlackRow Engineering for 10 years, manufacturing conveyors and food equipment, and after this time went on to work at Derbrich for 15 years, which was also at the time FrigoScandia (JBT Foodtech) main preferred sub- contractor for installation and servicing FrigoScandia equipment, where he specialised in servicing, maintaining and installing all Frigoscandia and Stein equipment worldwide. Howard Swain says “he will be a big asset for Freezer Services Limited and an aid in expanding our business Internationally, the company look forward to having such a reputable employee in the industry on board with us”.

Kevin King

Kevin has over 30 years experience with Derbrich Soley working for Stein & Frigoscandia worldwide.
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George Dutton

George has 35 years experience working with Derbrich for Frigoscandia, George trained in Helsingborg at Frigoscandia headquarters.
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Mick Booth

Mick also has over 35 years experiance with Derbrich working for Stein & Frigoscandia within the food industry sector. Mick works worldwide, extensively in America for many companies - Like Tyson's, Forster farms, Wyan farm foods, brake bush
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